ysb288易胜博和它的团队为所有田纳西人工作-农村, 郊区和城市——致力于缩小数字鸿沟. Check out what our ysb288易胜博 Team has done in just recent months to bring the infrastructure of opportunity to every Tennessean…

  • 作为高科技通信领域的主要利益相关者, ysb288易胜博积极支持Bill Haslam州长的宽带无障碍法案(BAA)。. ysb288易胜博成员, 康卡斯特公司, partnered with community leaders in Tipton County in West Tennessee through the company’s investment along with partial funding from a BAA grant.
  • 在服务不足地区建设基础设施的全州承诺继续作为ysb288易胜博成员, Charter Communications投资了20多家公司,在此之前,因网络不通而受到影响的家庭和企业增加了1万户.


为所有田纳西人提供服务, ysb288易胜博会员致力于投资, 建筑和基础设施资产,而不仅仅是空洞的承诺.

  • 通过 互联网的必需品, 全国最成功的综合宽带采用计划, 康卡斯特提供超过208个,000名低收入的田纳西人在家中安装了先进的通讯设备, 企业和学校.
  • 租船服务, 频谱互联网协助, was launched in 2017 to bring high-speed internet into the homes of 家庭 and seniors for a reduced rate. 频谱互联网协助 delivers the fastest Internet speeds in the nation for a low-cost broadband program (30/4 Mbps) for $14.99元/月. It’s all part of Charter’s efforts to ensure more Americans have access to the technology and tools they need to participate fully in today’s economy.
  • 因为接入基础设施只是最大化高速宽带的一部分, the members of ysb288易胜博 are providing and partnering with communities and the State of Tennessee to address digital literacy programs to equip and prepare the lifetime learners, 不分年龄, 的机会.



美国国会, 回到2015年, initiated a regulatory model that does not serve the interest of customer content or experience using your digital communications. ysb288易胜博与你同在, 客户, in support of policies and laws that foster the development of an open internet free of the burden of rules and regulations that show up on your monthly bill as increased costs.

ysb288易胜博成员不支持封锁的做法, 限制或以其他方式干扰客户导航并按需使用其内容. 而不是限制和管理访问, ysb288易胜博与国家合作伙伴合作,通过超过1美元的资金建立强大的网络.自20世纪90年代中期以来,ysb288易胜博投入了4万亿美元的私人投资,以改善你们的数字体验和机会.



Customers entrust their internet and cable providers with critical information and access to important information that ranges from banking to your health history to data about your children and family.

ysb288易胜博成员 companies are committed to preserve this trust and safeguard not only your consumer transactions but all your vital records and documents. 通过选择拒绝数据共享到透明的隐私政策, 互联网服务提供商致力于让你更好地控制自己的个人数据. Our members are also working at the federal level to encourage federal policymakers to address the need for strong and consistent consumer privacy protections that are standardized and enforced for all online services and social networks to protect you and your family.


忙碌的妈妈们, 爸爸, 祖父母和照顾者需要工具来选择适合他们的孩子和家庭的内容.

ysb288易胜博成员在他们的网络上提供各种口味和年龄的节目-信息丰富, 教育和娱乐. 但是因为不是所有的内容都适合所有的年龄, ysb288易胜博的会员公司提供这些工具来管理允许选择的媒体, control and education through V-Chip technology and the TV Parental Guidelines Ratings System to allow and to block various content.

看看有线电视公司提供的工具和信息,比如 FAMFriendly.com,这可以帮助父母做出负责任的决定.


自2011年以来,超过2美元.20亿美元的私人投资投入到技术和基础设施建设中. 在过去的20年里,超过1美元.5 trillion in private investment has been deployed to build and maintain robust broadband networks across the United States.  ysb288易胜博正在努力确保可用性, affordability and quality of fiber-rich networks that weave a strong thread through the fabric of our state’s economic powerhouse, throughout schoolhouses using digital libraries and lessons and into your homes for endless entertainment and educational resources.

田纳西州的宽带网络已经得到加强,可以在整个州提供千兆速度. ysb288易胜博伙伴, 康卡斯特和Charter, have provided access to nearly every Tennessee customer gig speed service delivered via fiber optic lines that carries your entertainment, 关键文件和视频内容的速度为1,000 mbps.

The internet of tomorrow is in Tennessee today with even faster speeds of up to 10G expected for residential customers within just a few years.

绝大, robust network of opportunity made available to Tennesseans through our ysb288易胜博成员 companies is rooted in the commitment to be the leader in technology and innovation to benefit our customers and your needs at home, 忙碌中, 工作和娱乐.



ysb288易胜博成员s are committed to products and services that provide a sustainable approach to energy consumption and conservation and are making systemic improvements throughout networks and technologies.

Tennesseans’ dependence upon electronic devices and gadgets has grown and will continue to grow in every area of our lives. 你也值得ysb91易胜博,用最少的能量消耗来达到最佳性能.

提供能源之星的倡议.0机顶盒, 低功率适配器, cloud-based services and other advances in technologies ensure a green framework while offering great service. Advances in technologies have yielded a 10-20% improvement in efficiency for more than 90% of US broadband homes with paralleled improvements in speed and content delivery.



Wireless technology serves as the strong thread that makes our digital lifestyles seamless as we commute from home to work to school and out and about. 未经许可的频谱, made available last when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and the digital entertainment platform Roku was debuted, is due for an upgrade that will assist in increasing gig speeds but will also require bandwidth to satisfy the need for more versatile channels. 输入5.9 GHz – the best near-term option for unlicensed spectrum suitable for Wi-Fi that will be key to next generation technologies and a future free of Wi-Fi traffic jams and bottlenecks.

ysb288易胜博成员 companies are working to deploy these next generation technologies to provide Tennessee customers with the networks that provide quality images and experiences while keeping up with the times.


Tennesseans are leading the nation in our economic health and do so because of the adaptability of our workers in professional careers and critical trades that support a growing economy.

ysb288易胜博成员s stand firm in our commitment to provide the infrastructure and services to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals, 家庭, 企业和ysb288易胜博州不断增长的劳动力为未来的工作做好准备, 而且在今天的职业生涯中也表现出色.


  • Charter Communications的员工中有11%是退伍军人,46%是多元化的少数族裔
  • 康卡斯特的团队中有35%是女性, 44%的员工是有色人种,并承诺雇佣21人,000年退伍军人, 军人配偶,国民警卫队和预备役成员,从2015年到2021年.